Saturday, 29 December 2012

UB40 - There’s a Rat in my Kitchen what am I going to do?

Not as easy to answer as you may think!

Rodents (rats or mice) need harbourage and food, now a small mouse may be able to exist under your kitchen units for quite a long time, however a large population of rats will be coming and going, bringing the filth of where they live with them.

Call us for professional help, we will be able to identify any possible access points and food source’s, as well as advising on how to clean up and avoid future problems.

So to experience the value of professional help call us on 0845 468 2412

Friday, 7 December 2012

Grey Squirrels are such cute little things, sat on the bird feeder, nibbling nuts. What you don't see is the cute squirrel when its hunting the hedgerows for the nests of our native song birds, to eat the eggs and fledglings and they are more than happy to use the roof of your home as a big tree to make they're nests (dray) in, being rodents they gnaw wood, pipes and wires, bringing the threat of fire a huge possibility.

Once upon a time the Red Squirrel was abundant throughout the UK until the introduction of the North American Squirrel aka the Grey Squirrel during the 19th century, since that time the Grey has displaced our native Red Squirrel and now carries a virus that looks set to eliminate what remains of the Red Squirrels. Conservationist are going to great lengths to protect the remaining Red Squirrels by having grey squirrel exclusion zones.

Prevention being better than cure, deal with the problem before it starts, protect your garden, home and song birds by controlling squirrel numbers Pest Right Pest Control will help keep squirrel numbers down if not eliminated.

Don't forget, it is illegal to release any none native animal back into the British countryside.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

So I’m starting my blog writing career. Well let’s start with good news, I’m now a “Wildlife Aware Accredited Technician” This accreditation is intended to indicate to customers for rodent pest control services that those who hold the accreditation will work to the highest standards in order to achieve effective pest control with minimum adverse effects on wildlife and the wider environment. Well that’s me.